Friday, June 14, 2013

Lapa New Website


Kudos is proud to have been asked to work again with Lapa Brazilian BBQ. After opening a new restaurant at Armadale Shopping Centre Kudos was asked to create a digital platform to enable a web experience for users that is unique for each restaurant but instantly recognisable as Lapa.

Fundamental to the success of this project was the need to create a locator subrand that sat with the Lapa logo but not overwhelm it. The clean typographical solution is flexible enough to accommodate any iteration while being sympathetic to the master brand.

After creating two distinct websites, Kudos also enabled users quick access to their restaurant of choice Kudos created a landing page with clear channels to each site. Adding contact information with each site now enables users to call up a phone number or an address without having to go any further. 

Supporting the visual indicators for each site Kudos introduced geo targeting smarts which serves up details for the restaurant closest to them when they Google "Lapa".

If you haven't experienced Lapa Brazilian BBQ yet you can here.