Ranger Tugs Australia
& New Zealand_

A Perth distributor of pleasure cruisers hand built in the USA saw an opportunity to regionalise the branding strategy for a product that had great potential in Australian waters but with a poor manufacturer conceived brand offering. Ranger Tugs ANZ needed brave creatives to produce a regional identity to be rolled out across all print, marketing and advertising collateral. 

Kudos saw an opportunity for Ranger Tugs to dovetail the brand to the tastes of an Australian market. For Kudos the answer lay in a different flavour and style to visuals and language in all the marketing and promotional materials. Such has been the success of the Ranger Tugs restyling that an Australia wide shift has taken place.

  • Brand Design
  • National Brand Rollout and Management
  • Print Publication Design
  • Press Advertising Design and Copywriting
  • Art Direction
  • Product Photography / Illustations
  • Website Development